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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • What is mahogany good for? 

    Mahogany is one of the most prized and used woods in making furniture because it’s strong and beautiful. It also takes stain very well. However, mahogany can be used for all sorts of purposes, from hardwood flooring to interior trim to cabinetry.

  • What does mahogany look like?

    Mahogany is most distinctive for its color, a warm reddish-brown tone. The wood has a fine, long grain that is usually straight and may have a slight wave to it.

  • How many types of mahogany.?

    MahoganyMahogany consists of three species in the genus Swietenia in the family Meliaceae – Honduras mahogany (Swietenia humilis), bigleaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), and American mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni).

  • Types of Mahogany
    • Swamp Mahogany Eucalyptus robusta is also commonly referred to as the swamp mahogany. This species is native to eastern Australia. This wood is widely grown in plantations in equatorial to temperate…
      Swamp Mahogany
    • Honduran Mahogany Swietenia macrophylla is also commonly referred to as Peruvian mahogany, big leaf mahogany, bigleaf mahogany, Honduran mahogany or Honduras mahogany. It is the most common substitute for Cuban mahogany,…
      Honduran Mahogany
    • Santos Mahogany Myroxylon balsamum is commonly referred to as santos mahogany. This species is commonly found in South and Central America, as well as southern Mexico. Tree The tree size is…
      Santos Mahogany
    • Mountain Mahogany Mountain mahogany’s scientific name is the Cercocarpus. It is commonly found in northern Mexico and the western U.S. Tree The average trunk diameter is one foot and it grows…
      Mountain Mahogany
    • African Mahogany The Khaya anthotheca genus of the mahogany species is commonly known as African mahogany. It is found in the western tropical region of Africa. Tree The African mahogany…
      African Mahogany
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